Chart: Social Security to Become Insolvent Far Earlier Than Expected

Monica Sanchez | December 2, 2014
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According to research by policy experts Rachel Greszler and James M. Roberts at The Heritage Foundation, Social Security’s end-date is fast approaching, calculated to arrive far earlier than originally expected.

“Social Security’s trustees projected in 1983 that the recently enacted Social Security reforms would keep the program active for at least the next 75 years, through 2058,” reports The Daily Signal

With each successive annual Social Security Administration (SSA) report, however, the federal program’s approach date has accelerated, Heritage experts find.


The chart above, based on data from a 2013 SSA report, depicts the trend.

“If the trend since 1983 continues, the program will become insolvent in 2024–34 years earlier than originally projected." 

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