Charlie Daniels: Only Way To ‘Get Anything Done’ Is With Term Limits

Eric Scheiner | August 16, 2017
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Musician Charlie Daniels says the only way to “get anything done” in Congress is to have term limits.

“Politics is no longer public service. It is a jaded, high stakes game, played by power drunk career politicians who have only two priorities in their lives, and the prosperity and security of the United States is not one of them,” Daniels wrote in a commentary published earlier this month, a theme he elaborated on in a recent interview with MRCTV.

“The only way we will ever get anything done is term limits,” Daniels said before a performance in Fredericksburg, VA Saturday.

“There is no other way and they’re never going to pass it unless there is such a public outcry that they are forced to do it.”

“Our Constitution, all of our federal papers were never drawn up for career politicians. The reason we have elections is so we can have fresh faces up there, we can get people fresh off the street that know what’s going on now - not 20 years ago,” Daniels continued.

“These guys make promises to all kinds of different groups to get them in office, they go to Washington they forget all about it. They come back again in four years or eight years or whatever time that it is there for them– six years – and they do it all over again.”

Daniels claims elected officials are in office far too long and they lose their connection to their constituents.

“The president gets two terms four years and four years. I think that the Senate should get four years and then you can get another four years. I think a senatorial term should be four years a House term should be two years, and they can serve four terms. In other words, the limit anybody can stay in office is eight years. President, Senate, Congress everybody except the Supreme Court,” Daniels said.

“Every other branch - legislative, executive branch of government should change every eight years.”

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