Charles Barkley Gives Advice On Free Speech, Liberals Should Take Note

John Simmons | November 15, 2022
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Former NBA All-Star and TNT basketball analyst Charles Barkley went on CNN with host Don Lemon and discussed the fallout of Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving’s tweet in which he posted a link to a documentary that was deemed antisemitic. 

Barkley isn't shy with his (sometimes off-the-wall) opinions, and he made intelligent comment during the interview in which he stated that individuals should not be canceled for what they say, but they should face the consequences of whatever they communicate.

“People have the right to say what they want to, we have freedom of speech,” Barkley said. “But there are repercussions when you say certain things. It's a really slippery slope, people always talk about freedom of speech … you can’t go around insulting people just because it's freedom of speech.”

Well in that case, I hope that liberals take Barkley’s words to heart because they are more often than not the ones doing a lot of the “insulting” he’s referring to.

The list of insults liberals hurl at people who are not as insane as them includes but is not limited to the following: bashing white people as perpetrators of racism, blaming unvaccinated people as the root of all the problems related to the COVID-19 pandemic, and calling Christians the bigots for holding onto a heterosexual, traditional view of marriage. And yet somehow, they get away with saying the most hateful things simply because its within their right of "free speech" and have the audacity to bash conservatives for far less egregious offenses.

Imagine if liberals were as concerned with making their speech less offensive as they were policing others. What a world that would be.

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