CensorTrack: When Big Tech Censors Them, You’re Censored, Too

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | February 3, 2022
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Big Tech is controlled by the left which causes a clear bias when determining what information is and is not allowed to remain online. Big Tech has shown intense dedication to silencing any right-leaning or free speech-promoting content on their social media sites. Prominent figures, especially conservatives and free thinkers like nationally syndicated radio host Dan Bongino, podcast host Joe Rogan Fox News host Tucker Carlson, political commentator Matt Walsh and comedian Steven Crowder, are main targets of censorship. 

The bottom line is: When Big Tech shuts down the voices of figures who are not afraid to challenge leftist ideology and proclaim free speech, their audience is impacted. The more often that leading voices are shut down, the harder it is for regular users like you and me to hear their voice or have a voice for ourselves. 

For all the details watch the CensorTrack video above or click here.

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