CensorTrack: Top 5 Times Big Tech Censored Pro-Life Content

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | May 18, 2022
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In light of the recent U.S. Supreme Court leak about the anticipated overturning of the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, the left has been cracking down on things that go against their pro-abortion narrative. Whether in the public square or on online platforms, the media appear to hate anything pro-life-related. MRC Free Speech America’s CensorTrack.org has tracked cases of censorship against life, and we narrowed a list down to five horrible cases of social media suppression.

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The first was when Google erased Live Action’s ads for the abortion pill reversal drug. This drug can reverse the pill’s effects and potentially save a baby if a woman takes it after the abortion pill. Google’s censorship hid that opportunity for women. 

The next case happened after Live Action founder Lila Rose tweeted breaking news about a new infanticide bill in Colorado. Two Republican politicians posted a screenshot of Rose’s tweet and got fact-checked, even though the underlying breaking news was accurate. 

The third worst case of pro-life censorship occurred when Twitter locked LifeNews.com’s account. LifeNews.com tweeted about one of the five babies found in Washington, D.C., and Twitter deemed the post “gratuitous gore.”

No. 4 came after Texas passed its “Heartbeat Bill.” The May 2021-enacted law prohibits abortion after an unborn baby’s  heartbeat is detected. But doctors have reportedly performed abortions since the bill became law.  Pro-life advocates created a website to send tips of these violations, but GoDaddy terminated the site while alleging several violations by prolifewhistleblower.com (which now redirects to Texas Right to Life’s website). 

Is it now a violation to want people held accountable for aborting babies illegally? 

The fifth case of Big Tech censorship of pro-life content was against Pro-Life Action League, which regularly posts pro-life content. The group presents one example of a broadly suppressed account, as most of the media that it tweets was labeled as sensitive content as of April 2021.

At a time when abortion and the life of the unborn is in such a vunerable position, information is valuable. Big Tech has proven yet again that they do not value life. This is despicable. 

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