CensorTrack: Jokes Are Funny, Big Tech’s Censorship Is Not

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | December 6, 2021

The Babylon Bee is a satirical news site whose slogan is “Fake News You Can Trust.” Though the site releases articles that are purposely false and intended for humor, Big Tech censors it on a regular basis. 

An old Thanksgiving meme resurfaced and spread online during the last week of November. The image presented a PSA discouraging marijuana use. The PSA had the Ad Council logo on it even though it was a fake advertisement. Since its reappearance and Big Tech’s love of censorship, Facebook and Instagram fact checkers from USA Today flagged the meme as false. 

Spoiler alert: It is false. The ad also reads “If you or someone you know is addicted to marijuana, call Domino’s at 215-712-1000, rent a tape and enjoy!” Though it is evident that the ad was a joke, fact checkers wanted to give it a label just in case someone took the ad seriously. 

Last week USA today wasted their time again by fact checking a post where White House press secretary Jen Psaki suggested Taco Bell for Thanksgiving to deal with inflation. The post originally came from Beep Satire’s Instagram, whose bio reads, “Satire, jokes, & media flops. 100% fake news made for you.” USA Today even went so far as to check White House official transcripts to verify that Psaki did not in fact call for Taco Bell Thanksgiving. 

Conservative commentator Amy Curtis replied to a post regarding pie and vaccines with a joke. She said: “Cut my pie like this and I'll stab you with the meat fork.”  Twitter forced Curtis to remove her post and she was placed in a “12 hour timeout.” 

Some people just can’t take a joke. It seems they work for the left.

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