CensorTrack: Big Tech Censors America’s #1 Song!

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | October 29, 2021
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“Let’s Go Brandon” started when an NBC reporter misrepresented that  the crowd at a NASCAR race was cheering “Let’s Go Brandon” for the race winner Brandon Brown. In reality, they were cheering “F**K Joe Biden.” 

Earlier this month, singer songwriters crafted full length songs as an expansion of the “Let’s Go Brandon” movement. Rapper Loza Alexander wrote one song and TikTok took it down for “harassment and bullying.” After an appeal, TikTok reinstated Alexander’s video

Three other rappers --- Bryson GrayTyson James, and Chandler Crump also wrote a “Let’s Go Brandon” song. They released a lyric version and music video. Both have been taken down by YouTube and Instagram. 

Despite Big Tech’s efforts to eradicate these songs and the “Let’s Go Brandon” movement in general, both of these anti-Biden anthems reached the top of the charts. Gray, James, and Crump’s song is currently at number one,  Alexander’s is at number two and two additional “Let’s Go Brandon” songs reached iTunes top ten. 

It’s a small win for conservatives. Even with censorship, the success of these songs provides a bit of hope.

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