CensorTrack: 2021 The Year of Anti-Trump, Anti-Life & Anti-Free Speech

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | January 6, 2022
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The major theme we saw in 2021 is that Big Tech is overstepping. They are anti-free speech and only support leftist thought. Big Tech’s censorship is a clear, disappointing and frustrating indication of their bias. 

To start, former president Donald Trump was censored 625 times throughout his administration and beyond. Trump was banned from his Twitter, Facebook, YouTube accounts and more in 2021. Big Tech silenced the leader of the free world, and yet are still allowing the leader of terrorist Iran to engage online. 

Google banned advertisements for the abortion pill reversal drug — a drug intended to stop the effects of the abortion pill in hopes of saving the child in utero. Live Action, a pro-life advocacy group, reported that there was $170,000 worth of ads for the reversal drug which saved 2,500babies as of September. Google didn’t stop there. Live Action Founder and President Lila Rose said it also banned ads for Live Action’s “Baby Olivia” video, which detailed the timeline of a child’s life in utero. Perhaps the video was too pro-science.

The MRC Free Speech America and CensorTrack team recorded over 470 cases of COVID-19-related censorship in 2021. Big Tech took a liking to censoring COVID-19-related conversations. What To Expect’s pregnancy app is no longer allowing parents to discuss the COVID-19 vaccines. Expectant mothers now must express their concerns elsewhere even though the app claims to emphasize conversation…only conversations that fit the leftist narrative.

For more examples of the worst Big Tech censorship cases of 2021 watch the video above and click here for even more details.