HUH? CDC Updated Guidance Says Fully Vaxxed People Can Now Travel - But Still Shouldn't


Our Benevolent Overlords at the Center for Disease Prevention and Control have given fully vaccinated people permission to travel about the United States, urging the unwashed masses who haven’t get gotten The Jab to continue to not travel for risk that they might spread the ‘rona.

However, while the agency says these blessed few may travel, they still shouldn't.

During a White House press briefing Friday, the CDC – all hail! – updated their guidance Friday to say that fully vaccinated persons – those who’ve gotten both doses of one of the COVID vaccines – may now go about their business and travel outside of their own little patch of dirt or pavement.

The CDC adds that half-vaxxed people, or those who’ve only gotten one dose of the shot, should refrain from traveling until they’ve gotten both doses, despite being at a much lower risk of contracting and spreading the disease than the general germ-ridden populace.

Never ones to release guidance without immediately contradicting themselves, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said that while fully vaccinated people are OK to travel, “I would advocate against general travel overall.”

“Our guidance is silent on recommending or not recommending fully vaccinated people travel. Our guidance speaks to the safety of doing so,” she said.

Which is pretty much the exact opposite of everything her own agency had just stated not two seconds before. If it’s safe for a fully vaccinated person to travel, why is it still recommended that they not do so? And why actively advocate against travel for fully vaccinated persons, if said vaccine is so effective at preventing the very disease you're looking to stop, and which you've now said they can't spread? 

Or, alternatively, one could exercise their own personal will, freedom and common sense – none of which are derived from the CDC gods – and make up one’s own mind about where to go and when.

Like one might be apt to do in a supposedly free country.


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