CDC Reports Positive Influenza Tests Have All But Vanished


I’m not sure how any reasonable thinking person buys the Chinese coronavirus hysteria that the radical media and other “experts” have thrust upon the American people over the last year or so. The “science” constantly contradicts their narratives concerning the virus and has actually convinced people that regular influenza is all but a thing of the past.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported last week that there were practically no positive influenza tests during the week of December 13 through December 19. A total of 36 positive cases were reported, as compared to the 7,703 cases reported during the same period in 2019.

According to the Washington Examiner:

In week 51 of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's "FluView" data monitoring system, 36 positive flu tests were documented. This marks a steep decrease from last year's total of 7,703 cases during the same time frame. The positivity rate has sharply declined this calendar year as only 0.10% of tests taken this year came back positive. The five-year average is 15.80% positive.

The influenza numbers for week 52 (the final week) of 2020 will be released by the CDC later on Monday.

What’s funny about this — if we can find some humor in all this madness — is that the same people who give you reasons as to why COVID is surging in some places will be the same people to give you excuses as to why so few people have had the flu this season.

They’ll tell you that the reason there are so few flu cases is because people are wearing masks and social distancing. But then they’ll also tell you that the reason for the surge in COVID in some regions is because no one is wearing a mask or social distancing.

Maybe someday we’ll get a shred of truth from politicians, the radical media, authorities, athletes and celebrities as to the reality of this virus — which people should still take general precautions to avoid.

But, if it hasn’t gotten weird already concerning the Chinese coronavirus, it will soon.

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