CBP Reports Over Two Border Agents Assaulted PER DAY In August


Assaults on border agents are up 23 percent from last year, with another 68 agents reportedly assaulted in the month of August alone – averaging out to more than two assaults per day.

Data recently published by U.S. Customs and Border Protection shows that as of Aug. 31, there have been a total of 489 assaults against border agents in FY2016, compared with 397 assaults reported during the same time frame in FY2015.

The vast majority of the assaults (404) were against border patrol agents tasked with guarding the border and apprehending unlawful border-crossers. Another 58 assaults were against Office of Field Operations personnel, who work at U.S. ports of entry, while 27 assaults were against agents with Air and Marine Operations.

Even excluding the number of assaults recorded in September, which have yet to be publicly released, this makes FY2016 the worst year for assaults on border agents since 2012, when 555 assaults were reported.

Unfortunately for those on the frontlines of the U.S. border battle, assaults against CBP agents are all too common. Just this week, the agency reported a border agent was assaulted while trying to apprehend an illegal alien border-jumper. The two men wound up falling from a six-foot ledge as the individual resisted arrest, resulting in the border agent hitting his head on a rock. Other agents eventually caught up to the assailant, who then rushing a second agent. Authorities were finally able to apprehend the man after hitting him with a Taser.

The injured agent was transported to a local hospital with “head contusions,” and was later released. CBP noted that the FBI took custody of the illegal alien in question and was “tentatively planning to prosecute him for ‘Assault of a Federal Officer.’”

Mark Morgan, the recently-appointed Border Patrol chief, testified before Congress last month on the growing problem, saying that "Border Patrol agents are among the most assaulted law enforcement personnel in the country."

"There have been 7,542 assaults against agents since 2006 and 30 agents have died in the line of duty since 2003," he added.




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