The Catholic League's Message To YouTube

DannyG | October 8, 2008
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The Catholic League's appeals to YouTube to treat all cases of religious "hate speech" equally have gone unheeded, so the league is taking its message directly to the public. The league joined the community this week and today uploaded a video complaint about the "Eucharist Desecration" series still on YouTube. Here's an excerpt of the transcript from league president William Donohue: "In August, YouTube took down a video of a teenager who urinated on the Holocaust memorial in Rhodes, Greece. That was not only the right moral choice, it was consistent with its own strictures. Catholics deserve the same sensitivity, and that is why we are asking YouTube to take down these unconscionable videos. It is not only right morally, it is in compliance with its own guidelines." The league also went directly to the source, posting the complaint to YouTube. -- K. Daniel Glover