Cat Survives 36 Days in Box Without Food or Water

danjoseph | December 4, 2014
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My cat loves boxes.

 All kinds of boxes.  

As soon as she sees a cardboard box that she can potentially fit into, she immediately stops whatever it is she’s doing (usually sleeping) and crawls into her new toy.  Boxes can hold her interest for hours.

Other cat owners will probably tell you that their cats have a similar affinity for boxes. 

But curiosity certainly got the better of one Virginia cat named, Mee Moowe.

Apparently, Mee Moowe got herself stuck in a moving box while her owner was packing to move from Virginia to Hawaii. The cat stayed trapped in the box for 36 days without food or water, only to be discovered alive after a faint meowing was heard as movers began unloading boxes.

“The guy goes, ‘what was that sound?’ and my heart just kind of sunk for a minute and I thought, ‘no, no way,” said the cat’s owner, Ashley Barth.  “And then we heard it again. And the guy said, ‘was that a cat?'”

As it turns out, it was!

Mee Moowe was in bad shape having lost half her body weight and barely able to walk.

The cat is now in veterinary care, not just to be nursed back to health, but in order to get the vaccinations she was supposed to get before she left Virginia. But before the family could take Mee Moowe to get her shots, she got trapped in one of the moving boxes.

Barth’s family waited an extra three nights in their Virginia house hoping that Mee Moowe would return, but eventually, gave up and made the trip to their new home.

It’s a good thing they didn't wait any longer.

Veterinarians say that while not impossible, it is unlikely that a cat could survive for 36 days without food or water. 

Mee Moowe may have used up more than one of her nine lives on her journey across the country.

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