Cartoon Network Releases Children’s Series with ‘Non-Binary’ Characters

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | June 14, 2023
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It’s kinda funny that some people don’t think that the left is after your kids. 

In Cartoon Network’s latest attempt to indoctrinate youth, the network has introduced “non-binary” characters who use “they/them” pronouns in its “We Baby Bears” cartoon series. 

The series is targeted towards kids ages six and up. Yeah, six year olds who likely can’t even tie their shoes, still need mom to wash their hair, and can barely add 2+2 somehow need to learn about what it means to be “non-binary.” Also, “non-binary” is written in quotations because it's made up. There’s no actual such thing as a “non-binary” person. You’re a dude or a chick. PERIOD.

In the specific clip from the episode, a cat introduces itself as “Winnifred, she/her. Actor extraordinaire.”

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Then, following her statement, one of the three bears in the scene introduced a box. “Meet Box! They use they/them pronouns and they make an exceptionally good quiche!” Then, the captain of the ship the scene took place on touted, “I use they/them pronouns as well!

Good lord. Who freaking cares about the gender identity of a cartoon box? It’s incredibly unnecessary to include crap like this, especially in kids shows. This is just going to confuse them but after all, that’s likely the goal.

Amid the clip gaming traction on Twitter, numerous level-headed individuals, accounts and groups were livid. “They’re after your kids,” Libs of TikTok tweeted. An account called the U.S. Ministry of Truth pointed out what it seems the left may be thinking “We aren't sexualizing your children, we just want them to be thinking about sex and nothing else.” Others said things like “Imagine wanting to confuse kids,” “pedophiles” and “groomers.” Hey, at least people are noticing! 

This isn’t the first time Cartoon Network has pushed to indoctrinate kids through its programing. Previously it touted its support for Pride Month with a regularly pro-LGBTQ commercial as well as shared an episode where two female characters got married. 

For every attempt you make to keep your kids innocence, the left is working twice as hard to take it away and indoctrinate them. This kind of stuff has no place on children's tv shows, books, or honestly, anywhere. 


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