Carson: I'd Nominate Scalia's Replacement, 'Why Not Do It?'

Monica Sanchez | February 18, 2016
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Dr. Ben Carson said during CNN’s Republican Presidential Town Hall Wednesday night that he would take the opportunity to nominate a U.S. Supreme Court Justice during the final year of his presidency.

“I probably would take the opportunity to nominate someone,” said Carson. “Doesn’t necessarily mean that that person is going to be acted on or confirmed. Why not do it?"

He explained that the real problem is not whether the current U.S. president should nominate a person to succeed the late Justice Antonin Scalia, but that the Supreme Court has become such a “partisan group.”

“But here’s the real problem: You know, the Supreme Court, a very important part of our governing system, was originally intended to consist of jurists who were people who loved America, people who fully understood our Constitution, and were there to make sure that America preserved its constitutional traditions."

"It was not supposed to be a partisan group. It has become very partisan,” said Carson.

“So, as a result,” he continued, “everything that is done surrounding it -- the picks, the confirmation hearings, deciding on whether to actually make the vote -- all of it has become partisan.”

“Does that mean that we’re forever gone? No. I think it means that these are things we are going to have to start looking at... how in the world do we get back to a reasonable judicial system. We do not have that now,” said Carson. 

Check out his full remarks in the video clip below.


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