Carl Reiner, 96, Wants to 'Stick Around' Until 2020 So He Can Vote Trump Out of Office

Nick Kangadis | November 1, 2018
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Another day, yet another “actor” heard from. What’s sad about this one is that I actually like some of comedy legend Carl Reiner’s work — well, all except for the giving us his son, Rob “Meathead” Reiner.

Reiner cut a political video message that amounted to nothing more than an indictment of President Trump and the GOP. It was so cheesy that I was waiting for him to say, ‘for just the price of a cup of coffee, you too can influence an election.’

Reiner was basically asking people to go out and vote, but he did so while not mentioning Trump’s name or saying that people should vote for any particular candidate. It was pretty clear who he was talking about, however.

At one point Reiner, 96, said, “…my personal goal will be to stick around until 2020, and vote to make sure we have a decent, moral, law-abiding citizen in Washington who will make us all proud again to live in America.”

But, what would any Hollywood blowhard’s message be without blowing a little smoke up their own rear-end? Reiner listed multiple accomplishments of his own in order to essentially give the cliche that he’s seen a lot throughout the years, but nothing like this.

Watch Reiner’s video here:

That’s garbage, and Reiner knows it.

You’d have to be an actor to say some of the things those in Hollywood say, because I honestly don’t understand how you can say the things these Leftists say while keeping a straight face.

All Reiner did is what the Left typical does — appeal to emotion. When it comes to what you believe in, don’t take what anyone else says and use it as your basis for truth. Let truth speak for itself.

H/T: Fox News