Capitol Police Officer Throws First Pitch of Congressional Baseball Game

Maureen Collins | June 16, 2017
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Officer David Bailey is an American hero. 

Wednesday morning, Bailey was hit by a bullet when a shooter attached a group of Republican congressmen practicing for their upcoming congressional charity baseball game. Even after sustaining injuries, the Capitol police officer returned fire and turned back to check on Rep. Steve Scalise, who'd been shot in the hip.

Everyone who was at the scene agrees: Officer Bailey's actions saved lives. 

Yesterday, the Congressional Baseball Game went on as planned, and Officer Bailey threw out the first pitch. The crowd, which was a record size for the event, roared when the officer came out to the mound on crutches.


Thank you, Officer Bailey, for your bravery! You are the embodiment of American values. And I, for one, emphatically agree with Jim Treacher of the Daily Caller: 

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