Can't Find a P.C. Halloween Costume? Hey, You Can Be Fake News!

Nick Kangadis | October 18, 2017
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With all the meaningless, PC-scrubbed stories about what Halloween costumes you are or aren’t allowed to wear because it might offend some moron missing a few brain cells, one bit of news or should I say “fake news” -- is making the rounds.

While traditional politician costumes lose popularity in non-election years, the NSFW, known for their costumes that can make any gal look as classless as possible, has come out with a new costume that anyone with a collage addiction can make.

The company is promoting their new “Fake News” Halloween costume, which is essentially a dress with a super short skirt made up of news clippings with the term “FAKE” emblazoned in red across the chest.

According to The Hill:

A description for the $55 tank dress with a newspaper print design and “FAKE” written across it boasts that wearers can “spread all the alternative facts” in the get-up. The item keeps selling out and has done north of $10,000 in revenue, according to the company[…]

“The elections were a trend last year,” online store says on its website, “but this year people are tired of politics.” The company says while there are a few exceptions, such as Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer on “Saturday Night Live,” it’s “seeing a big shift towards pop culture and television shows like ‘Stranger Things,’ ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘GLOW.’”

I guess this is what's replacing Pocahontas and Miss Hawaii costumes in today's P.C.-obsessed society. Then again, people should be allowed to dress up in whatever they want as long as it’s within the bounds of the law. We’re not talking politically correct law either, since there’s really no such thing. Ignore that like the plague. 

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