#CancelMyDebt Is Trending, and It’s Just as Obnoxious As It Sounds


Over on Twitter, a new hashtag campaign spurred by none other than 2020 Democratic contender Elizabeth Warren is making the rounds.

It’s mind-numbingly dubbed #CancelMyDebt, and primarily features an avalanche of younger Americans – mostly Millennials and Gen Z-ers – complaining about their student loan problems, blaming others for their interest rates and demanding that taxpayers – you guessed it – cancel their debt.

That they voluntarily took out for an optional degree they don’t plan to return.

And the amount of “woe-is-me” grouching is staggering. Here are just a few folks who think willingly signing up for an expensive college or post-grad degree is tantamount to being forced into indentured servitude at the point of a gun – and even a few who claim they’re being unfairly “forced” to pay interest on a debt they freely took on.

Someone who doesn’t want you to focus on their whining:

This law student-turned-political candidate who doesn’t understand how interest works:

This person who should probably have spent more time in that expensive English class:

Someone who took out $60,000 to get a notoriously low-paying job:

These people who took out $200,000 for the same reason:

This person who can barely make $100 a month in loan payments, but somehow has enough to donate to a politician’s campaign:

This person who thinks optional student loans are basically slavery: 

Interestingly, not a single person telling their “story” under this hashtag includes the time and place in which the bank and/or government held a gun to their head and demanded they take out $150,000 for their underwater basket-weaving degree. 

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