CANCELED: Original Rainbow Pride Flag Not ‘Inclusive’ Enough

Gabriel Hays | August 17, 2021
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The LGBTQ community is now thinking about adopting a new pride flag in order to "be more inclusive." Though, really, if they’re aiming to keep the pride flag current, they’re going to have to come up with a new official flag every hour to represent the practically infinite list of new gender identities and sexual deviancies that are growing at an accelerated rate all the time.

CNN reported on August 16 that the LGBTQ community is looking for a new flag to account for "overlooked" LGBTQ groups of the past and to incorporate the constant stream of new LGBTQ groups which pop up all the time nowadays. According to the far left outlet, there are “more conversations throughout the country about which version of the pride flag the LGBTQ community should use.”

Think about it. The original, standard rainbow pride flag we’ve all come to associate with the gays – which was designed by artist Gilbert Baker in 1978 – is practically a vestige of an ancient culture by now. What used to be simply called "gay pride" in 2015, has rapidly adopted transgender pride, along with poly-amorous pride, or demisexual or whatchamacallit pride.

And now that LGBTQ pride has incorporated race as a prism through which various sexualities are filtered to reveal even more striations of sexual victimhood status, the mainstream LGBTQ movement is fixated on highlighting people of color.

“The debate over an updated flag comes as the LGBTQ community grapples with its treatment of Black, brown and transgender individuals,” CNN wrote. So, basically cancel culture is coming for the original rainbow flag. Who would have thought? 

Already, other major pride groups, like one in Philadelphia, have unveiled “a new version of its Pride flag, which features the black and brown stripes in addition to the traditional rainbow.” And the LGBT Community Center in New York City has put a “hybrid version of the Gilbert Baker flag outside its office,” one that includes black and brown stripes and the organization's name.

The more recent flag added to the LGBTQ canon of symbology is a rainbow flag that also features a triangle composed of the colors baby blue, pink, black and brown to be inclusive of those transgender and BIPOC. CNN mentioned that this new flag – called the “Pride Progress Flag” – could become the official new flag of the movement.

This flag became a common symbol for the LGBTQ community after George Floyd’s death and the radical racialization of everything in American life. CNN wrote, “In late June, the Castro Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Cultural District (CQCD) in San Francisco voted to ... replace the original Pride flag in Harvey Milk Plaza” with this new trans, BIPOC-centric pride flag.

So, apparently a new racial version of the rainbow flag will be the style that pride groups adopt for the future. Though, some dissenters argue that “removing the original Pride flag is a form of erasure and disregards the wishes of Gilbert Baker.”

And, again, even if they replace the Gilbert Baker rainbow flag with the "Progress Pride" flag, what guarantee is there that that’s going to last? It’ll already be several thousand genders behind by the time you read this article.

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