Canadian PM Trudeau's 'Assault Rifle' Sales Ban Has Turned Into a Mandatory 'Buy-Back'

P. Gardner Goldsmith | August 1, 2022
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Evidently a big fan not only of Chinese authoritarianism, but also of the Cuban gun-grabbing committed by his spirit-animal Fidel Castro, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in 2020 had his bureaucracy “ban” the sale of what he and his leftist allies called “assault-style rifles” -- those seeming to be anything the politicians think look scary.

At that time, the actual ownership of said scary firearms in Canada was, they said, going to be “allowed” for two years. But their magnanimous “grandfather clause” has expired.

And now, after some 2021 budgetary wrangling from – get this – Trudeau’s “Firearms Buyback Secretariat” – the final government “offers” in this collectivist theft-ceremony have been released.

As Roberto Wakerell-Cruz reports for The Post Millennial, owners of the satanic-looking “AR-15” will get $1,337 Canadian bucks (worth about $1,045 US Federal “Reserve” Notes), and that’s just one of the 1,500 kinds of firearms the Canadian government is demanding people turn over to be “bought back” at whatever monetary compensation the government says it will hand its victims.

“More expensive models include the Swiss Arms SG550, which can be traded in for $6,209.”

How sweet.

And if folks are upset that the Canadian gub'ment is, again, acting like the gangland organization that it is? They can "object" until the end of August.

Well, they can kind of protest. They can’t object to being robbed, they only can object to the cash amount the government says it will sprinkle on the wounds.

“Proposed compensation amounts are still open for input from gun owners and industry experts until August 29, reports the Canadian Press.”

Because, evidently, crushing the civil liberties of Canadians with lockdowns, bank freezes, travel blockades, jab mandates, and even literally trampling peaceful protesters doesn’t do enough “honor” to tyrants of the past.

Now, just as they did in Australia and the UK, where both nations saw subsequent increases in their violent crime rates -- even as gun ownership in the US skyrocketed and violent crime decreased (refer to my MRCTV piece from February, 2018 for details) -- many of the Canadian politicians and bureaucrats who clearly despise individual free will and the God-given right to self-defense want to MANDATE that gun owners turn in their property.

Or else, of course, armed agents of the Canadian government will attack them.

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So much for ending gun violence, eh, Justin?

And the government instituting this euphemistically labeled “buy back program” (since when was mob hit a “program”?) has, of course, also claimed the power to commit another wrong, that being its requirement that taxpayers foot the increasingly high bill.

But this is not surprising, since the Canadian government already performed a similar shadow-dance at taxpayer expense in the 1990s.

The program wasn’t a buy-back, but it cost taxpayers a lot of money, and the results of the “gun control” plan were, as expected, disastrous.

In the early 1990s, the Canadian government embarked on a vast, mandatory, and expensive “gun registration” and “licensing” crusade.

Ten years later, in a study conducted for the libertarian Fraser Institute of Canada, Gary A. Mauser reported:

“The contrast between the criminal violence rates in the United States and in Canada is dramatic. Over the past decade, the rate of violent crime in Canada has increased while in the United States the violent crime rate has plummeted The Canadian experiment with firearm regulation is moving to farce. The effort to register all firearms, which was originally claimed to cost only $2 million, has now been estimated by the Auditor General to top $1 billion. The final costs are unknown but, if the costs of enforcement are included, the total could easily reach $3 billion.”

That report was released in 2003, and the Canadian government has not only continued to rip off victims of its statist hegemony, it is increasing the burdens, not only on peaceful gun owners, sellers, and manufacturers, but on taxpayers who don’t own guns.

All, while directing tax-funded government guns at those victims.

It’s not surprising, then, that Justin Trudeau so gleefully admires authoritarian China.

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