Canadian PM Trudeau Has Tantrum Toward First Nations Chieftains

Alex Hall | September 21, 2018
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According to video footage, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau threw a fit toward a council of First Nations chieftains this week, disparaging them for their "poor time management skills" after his meeting intended for reconciliation ran over-time. 

"I am really, really upset about this," he said.

"It wasn’t for me to interrupt the previous speakers. [Chief] Bobby [Cameron], there shouldn’t have been every single person speaking for eight minutes in this meeting. That is not the spirit of reconciliation, of the nation-to-nation relationship we are supposed to have. And I am stuck with an absolute time cap at 9:05."

TheStar reported that Chief Bobby Cameron, who represents the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations, said the September meeting was ultimately a success, even if it ended poorly with the prime minister berating them for bad time management -- though he lamented the fact that “We require more time to discuss the many crises facing our First Nations communities.”

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