Canadian MP Says 'Honk Honk' Is a Euphemism For 'Heil Hitler'

Brittany M. Hughes | February 23, 2022
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Imagine having to wake up every morning being this stupid.

One “woke” Canadian Parliament member claims that supporters of the ongoing trucker protest in the nation’s capital are invoking the name of history’s most vile dictator when they imitate the sound of a big rig.

Liberal MP Ya'ara Saks, who has been vocal in encouraging the government to take even more action against the Freedom Convoy (despite their bank accounts having been frozen, multiple people having been arrested, little old ladies having been trampled in the streets, and protesters’ God-given rights generally attacked and stripped away), claimed on Monday that the slogan “Honk Honk,” used by convoy advocates to signal their support and to drown out government propaganda, is really a euphemism for “Heil Hitler,” ostensibly because it starts with the same letters.

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"How many guns need to be seized?" Saks asked from her podium. "How much vitriol do we have to see of 'Honk Honk' – which is an acronym for 'heil Hitler' – do we need to see on social media?"

But perhaps Saks should actually stay off social media entirely, considering the internet found her to be a laughing stock over her theory that the sound of a honking truck was really a verbal Nazi salute simply because the words share the same beginning. But instead of recognizing her own idiocy – and they never do – Saks instead doubled down, quoting a liberal activist who also claims without proof that “Honk Honk” really means “Heil Hitler” in protester-speak.



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