Canadian Broadcaster Wants NHL To Fine Flyer's $1 Millions for Provorov's 'Scary' Actions

John Simmons | January 19, 2023
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Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Ivan Provorov chose not to wear a pride-themed warmup jersey on Tuesday, saying that he would have violated his religious beliefs if he had done so. 

Progressives as a rule cannot stand it when someone chooses to not support the LGBT+ agenda on religious grounds, and Canadian news anchor Sid Seixeiro proved that again on Wednesday when he shared his thoughts on “Breakfast Television,” a morning news show based out of Toronto.

Seixeiro stated that what Provorov did was - at least in his mind - not just disgusting, but terrifying.

“Nothing scares me more than any human being who says ‘I’m not doing this because of my religious beliefs’ because when you look at people’s lives who normally say that publically you’d throw up at what you saw,” Seixeiro said. “I’ve seen that a million times in a lot of different ways, so don’t give me that…don’t feed me the religious beliefs line.”

Seixeiro even went so far as to say that he wants the NHL to fine Philadelphia $1 million for what Provorov did.

The suggested fine amount in and of itself is preposterous. So far this season, the NHL has collected roughly $638,000 from 26 players for a variety of fineable on-ice actions, meaning that what Seixeiro thinks is a sufficient fine for Provorov’s actions is almost twice as much as what the NHL has enforced through half its season.

If the league decided back in November that Florida Panthers forward Matthew Tkachuk should only have to sit out two games and pay roughly $103,000 for poking a goalie in the face with his stick, then penalizing a team $1 million for a guy not wearing a certain jersey during warmups is overkill to say the least. Neither the Flyers nor the defenseman should be fined a single dollar for Provorov exercising his right to free speech.

But the real show of stupidity comes in Seixeiro saying that these actions - in his words - scares him.

Seixeiro claims that the majority of people who say they are “religious” do a horrible job at living according to the beliefs they claim to value. While there certainly are religious hypocrites aplenty in this world, that doesn’t mean that Provorov is one, or that religious people have to stop publicly standing for their beliefs because they don’t follow them perfectly. If Seixeiro doesn’t like the motives for Provorov’s stance, that’s his problem.

All people are walking contradictions to some extent, including progressives like Seixeiro, who claim to be a people of tolerance, acceptance, and love, yet act like Gestapo officers anytime someone like Provorov dares to live differently than them. So if Seixeiro is claiming he’s scared of imperfect people, that must really stink, since we’re all imperfect and fallen.

Provorov’s actions and Seixeiro’s comments show the extent to which progressives cannot tolerate dissent. All the rest of us can do is not let comments from little authoritarians like this prevent us from living according to our beliefs, however imperfectly.

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