Canada Asking U.S. to Enforce Its Immigration Laws After Being Overrun With Refugees


You gotta feel bad for a good portion of the people in Canada, because their government has become so inept that they make our average American politician look good.

When Haitian and Nigerian refugees realize that their journey to a free ride isn’t the easiest of courses to navigate in the U.S., they flee to Canada — through New York and into Quebec —in order to get their entire life paid for by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Canadian government.

Now it looks as though Canada can’t continue to afford the refugees at the rate they’re currently entering.

So what did the Canadian government do? They asked the U.S. government to do their jobs for them by being more strict on Nigerian and Haitian refugees that enter the U.S. with possible plans of moving on to Canada.

This would make the U.S. look like the bad guy and save Canada the embarrassment of having to admit that their “all refugees welcome” mission has failed. The U.S. is already viewed as the bad guy around the world — despite the U.S. being the most humanitarian country on the planet — so the U.S. government will most likely help out the Canadian government, since they can’t help themselves.

According to the Washington Post:

Canada is not asking U.S. officials to refuse entry to Nigerians, [Canadian Immigration Minister spokesman Mathieu] Genest said. It is seeking stricter screening to ensure that Nigerians who are granted U.S. visitor visas truly intend to return home.

The request is an unsurprising one between two countries that have collaborated for decades on migration-related matters. But it also is a sign that Canada is feeling new pressure on its borders as U.S. immigration and refugee policies shift.

Yeah, the U.S. is shifting from skirting the Constitution in order to let anyone and everybody into the country to a place of welcoming immigration within the actual laws on the books. No longer is the U.S. like Canada in the sense that it’s borders are a sieve of unmanageable migration. Does the U.S. still have immigration problems? Absolutely, but we’re no longer taking pointers from Socialist countries.

At the same time, there are people trying to escape legitimate problem in places like Nigeria. However, people migrating to the U.S. shouldn’t automatically assume that they can go wherever they want in the Western world without repercussion. That’s pretty presumptuous.

“I don’t want to go back to Nigeria,” one Nigerian refugee told the Washington Post. “Nobody’s safe.”

There’s something to be said for providing humanitarian aide to those just seeking peace. It’s a more than worthwhile endeavor. But, generosity is too often taken advantage of, so now Canada has come to its North American cousin to help them out of a mess of their own creation.

While the U.S. government should absolutely be enforcing the immigration laws currently on the books, it’s pretty funny that Canada is the one asking the U.S. to do it  - because they don’t have the temerity to do so themselves.

H/T: The Globe and Mail

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