California Votes to Become a 'Sanctuary State,' Putting Illegals Ahead of Citizens

Brittany M. Hughes | April 4, 2017
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California lawmakers voted Monday to approve legislation making the entire state a “sanctuary” for illegal aliens, proving yet again that the Golden State is so far to the left they might fall off a cliff.

The bill, SB54, passed by a simple 27-12 majority vote, and bans state and local law enforcement officials from cooperating with federal immigration officers, only carving out certain exceptions for “serious and violent felons.” (Translation: you basically have to murder someone before you’re given the boot. Which sucks for the victim, but hey, it’s all in the name of compassion!)

A report by the Sacramento Bee implied the bill was only amended to include reporting violent felons to Immigration and Customs Enforcement in order to garner the votes necessary for it to pass.

Another bill, SB6, allocates a whopping $12 million in taxpayer money to pay for attorneys to help illegal aliens at risk of being deported.

"We will cooperate with our friends at the federal level with serious and violent felons. But we won't cooperate or lift a finger or spend a single cent when we're talking about separating children from their mothers, mothers from their children," explained Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Léon (D), according to ABC7. "That's not who we are as a great state."

Both bills basically dare President Donald Trump to make good on his threat to pull federal funding from states that refuse to play ball with federal immigration officials, as conveyed in an executive order he signed shortly after taking office in January.

An estimated 2.3 million illegal aliens currently reside in California, making it home to one of the largest single illegal alien populations -- and untapped voter bases -- in the country.  

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