California Think-Tank Training Doctors to Manipulate ‘Ambivalent’ Women Into Having Abortions


The University of California-San Francisco Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health is actually training doctors to convince pregnant women to abort their children.

The think-tank for “reproductive rights” recently published a “training guide” that includes a section on “counseling techniques” for doctors to persuade pregnant women that abortion is the only way.

Techniques in the “Early Abortion Training Workbook” first reported by Campus Reform include asking “ambivalent patients” to picture their lives “in the next year or five years” and to examine the pros and cons as they relate to their goals in life.

For doctors with patients who have “spiritual or moral conflict” over the procedure, the guide instructs doctors to justify abortion by saying that “people of all faiths and religions have abortions.”

The guide also provides a “framework” for conversations with patients which involve the following cold and calculated steps:

  1. Validate and normalize
  2. Seek understanding
  3. Set the stage for reframing
  4. Reframe and reassure

This way, doctors have a way to spin whatever hesitations their patients have about abortion, meanwhile acting like they care for their patients’ well-being.

Even more, while the techniques are listed as “pregnancy options,” there are no other options provided aside from abortion like adoption. 

In the guide's description, the think-tank says it’s committed “to assisting primary care providers to offer continuity and excellence in reproductive care which recognizes the dignity and autonomy of each individual.” But that’s hard to believe when the guide explicitly instructs doctors to encourage the killing of unborn babies unable to defend themselves and describes women as "ambivalent." 

(Cover Photo: Max Pixel)

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