California Is One Step Closer To a Three-State Split

Bryan Michalek | October 30, 2017
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The Golden State has taken the first step in a plan to split the state into three new states.

Several California residents backed the proposition crafted by billionaire Tim Draper, whose plan to break the state into three will now be put to petition in an effort to bring the issue to a vote on next year's election ballot. 

According to Draper, the state will be divided into a northern section, which would contain Sacramento and San Francisco, a coastal region that will house Los Angeles, and finally a southern third that will contain San Diego. 

CAPS (Californians For Population Stabilization) posted a photo on Twitter showing what the new trio of states would look like if the initiative were to pass in a vote. 

According to the Washington Examiner, if the proposal was to be approved by residents, it would move up to Congress to be reviewed for final approval. 

As it turns out, Draper had previously tried to push this idea in 2014 with no success. Draper claims that the reason behind the state split was to provide residents with three smaller forms of government. 

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(Cover photo: Ken Lund)