California High School Teacher Calls U.S. Military 'Dumbsh*ts,' 'Lowest of Our Low'

Nick Kangadis | January 30, 2018
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Members of the military are “dumbshits” and the “lowest of our low" -- at least, those were the words of El Rancho High School teacher — and member of the Pico Rivera City Council in California — Gregory Salcido.

Salcido was caught on video saying many derogatory things about members of the U.S. military. The student who ended up filming his hate-filled rhetoric -- and subsequently posted the video to Facebook -- was seen by Salcido wearing a Marine Corps sweatshirt just before his rant began.

The rant went on for a few minutes while the student — unbeknownst to Salcido — was capturing all of his comments using a cell phone camera.

Salcido’s background history doesn’t do him any favors either.

In 2010, a parent of one of Salcido’s students launched a complaint against the teacher for making inappropriate comments about race while insulting students and parents, and he even threatened to kill a student for talking in class while this was going on. He apparently told the 16-year-old female student to quote “shut up, [student’s name taken out], before I kill you.”

In 2012, Salcido was placed on administrative leave for smacking a 15-year-old student upside his head for falling asleep in class. The student also alleged that Salcido would routinely bully him by making fun of his weight and appearance, at times calling him “Chaz Bono.”

You can view Salcido's comments, and find out more on this story, by watching the video above.

Additional source: USA Today