California Considers Expanding State Medicare to Include Illegal Aliens

Caleb Tolin | June 5, 2018
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A bill allowing access to public healthcare funds for illegal immigrants is inching its way to California Governor Jerry Brown’s desk.

A bill amending the requirements to have access to Medi-Cal, California’s medicaid program, has been proposed in the California State Assembly, including an proposed expansion of the program to include undocumented minors under the age of 19.

But the new legislation takes it a step further.

AB 2965’s aim is to expand state Medicaid coverage to undocumented immigrants up until age 26. The bill reads, “Individuals who are under 26 years of age and who are enrolled in Medi-Cal pursuant to subdivision (d) of Section 14007.5 shall be enrolled in the full scope of Medi-Cal benefits.”

California currently has a debt-to-GDP ratio of about 15.43 percent and their spending is about $1 billion more than their revenue. Despite that, AB 2965 multiplies the projected 2018-2019 spending on healthcare for illegal aliens from $1 billion to $3 billion.

According to, “Policy experts question whether undocumented individuals will move to California to take advantage of the benefit and how long the state could afford such a cost without federal assistance.”

California also recently passed a bill that creates a plan to restrict how much water a household could use.

It's interesting that The Golden State seems to have a surplus of healthcare for illegals, but can’t offer enough water to its own citizens. Clearly the People’s Republic of California is going strong.

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