California College Celebrating Socialism with Venezuelan Gov't Speakers


If you don’t think Socialism exists in the U.S., it’s to wake up. College campuses are havens for Socialist activity, and one California college — go figure — is actively supporting it.

California-based Scripps College will be hosting a Socialist love-fest with actual members of Venezuela’s Socialist government. They will talk about the joys of starving people and making people who disagree with the government disappear.

Okay, they’re not going to say it like that, but you get the idea. The speakers — as well as the college — will paint Socialism with a democracy paintbrush and call it art.

According to the Claremont Independent:

Scripps College will be inviting two Venezuelan officials next week to to speak on a three-day speaker series praising “grassroots initiatives” of the country’s totalitarian government. The officials, Venezuelan Consul-Generals Antonio Cordero and Jesús Chucho García, will be speaking to students on “African solidarities,” “coups and imperial wars,” and the country’s vision for “a new society rooted in political participation, communal economies and democracy.”

Last semester, Scripps College also funded and invited Venezuelan officials, including Cordero, to whitewash the country’s human rights abuses, drawing criticism from students and even United States Senator Marco Rubio.

“Political participation, communal economies and democracy.” That’s nice. I guess it’s cool now to have your entire way of life be about worshipping governments.

According to an email obtained by the Claremont Independent after being sent out to Scripps College students, one of the speeches is supposedly “for all who are interested in economics that serve people not profits.”

Sounds a lot like Communism and Socialism to me.

A lot will say that the people who believe in Socialism and Communism should go live in countries that subscribe to those ideologies. But, Socialists and Communists aren’t interested in staying home. You know the phrase, “misery loves company?” That’s what these people want. They want everybody to be miserable, while the government stays fat and happy. The cost of people losing their lives as a result doesn’t factor into their evil equations.

I constantly hear the question, ‘What is happening on college campuses?’ The answer is simple. Fifty years of indoctrinating people has now made college campuses the primary place to brainwash impressionable youth. The youth from 30-50 years ago are now the indoctrinators posing as professors.

H/T: College Fix

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