California Café Owner Is Charging Mask-Wearers & Those Bragging About Getting Vaccinated

P. Gardner Goldsmith | May 30, 2021
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Leave it to a stale, superficial news network to take a great story of market freedom, mix in subtle digs about that freedom, add less-subtle affirmations of what actually is the debated efficacy of “masks,” and promote that propaganda to the public at large.

That’s what NBC’s Wilson Wong and Bianca Britton have done to Chris Castleman, owner of a Mendocino, California café called Fiddleheads.

True to his name, Castleman has exercised control of his own property, and has established a rule whereby willing customers will be charged if they behave in ways he finds unacceptable.

This inspired the NBC duo to do the Propaganda Two-step, writing:

Diners are mostly free to speak their mind at a Northern California cafe, but doing so through the protective confines of a mask will cost a cover charge of $5.

So, right from the outset, we see shading placed on freedom of choice, and an affirmative assumption about “the protective confines” of a mask.

First, anyone is free to speak his or her mind, and to choose to enter or not enter the café. The choice to enter the café and wear a mask is also a free choice. If one does so, one freely accepts the request of the owner of the property and promises to pay for the privilege of donning the mask. If the owner is to be forced by government to welcome anyone, for any reason, he does not have control over his property, and the principle of ownership is destroyed, which puts his life at risk, since a person must be able to assert property ownership in order to retain what one has acquired to sustain one’s life.

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If we were to flip the situation, would people find it ethically acceptable to force pedestrians on a sidewalk to frequent bars or stores they didn’t want to frequent?

But in addition to jeering at the owner for charging people for wearing masks, NBC also notes that:

The restaurant also planned to charge an additional $5 fee to those ‘caught bragging’ about being vaccinated, according to a couple of the posted signs.

Which is his prerogative, and, for those of us who have some major problems with people’s tax money being taken to pay for any jabs, let alone experimental mRNA jabs that have not been fully tested -- some which involved the use of aborted fetuses in their development – this is a pleasure to see.

And Castleman will give the cash to charity.

’I don't think $5 to charity is too much to ask from mask wearing customers who claim to care so much about the community they live in,’ he said by email.

Write NBC's Wong and Britton:

Proceeds will go to Project Sanctuary, a local domestic abuse organization, for two weeks before a new nonprofit enters the rotation, Castleman said. (Project Sanctuary did not immediately respond to a request for comment).

‘It's about time that the proponents of these ineffective government measures start paying for the collateral damage they have collectively caused,’ the owner said.

Last year, Castleman was threatened by the California government. Thanks to fascist licensing statutes, the government threatened to close his shop and fine him unless he shut doors himself.

The results of this unconstitutional state policy have been obvious. As I reported last week, nearly one-third of all restaurants in the state have permanently closed due to the lockdowns, fines, and threats from the state.

Castleman isn’t letting that aggression go unrecognized:

I don't force anyone to pay. I give them the freedom of choice, which seems to be a foreign concept in these parts of the country.

And he added:

’The government shut everything down,’ he said Friday. ‘Everyone wearing a mask is complicit.’

True. And Castleman stressed the free will seen in the free market.

’It's their choice,’ he continued. ‘They can choose what business they support. They can go to any other business in my county, state.

It’s a shame the politicians, bureaucrats, police, and many in the dinosaur media don’t understand that concept.