Calif. GOP Office Vandalized, Almost Set on Fire by Alleged Bernie Supporter

Nick Kangadis | February 14, 2020
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Where are the major media outlets on this next story? No one? Really?

The incident in question happened last Saturday, but next to one in the media has even mentioned it. I wonder why?

Police in Eureka, California arrested 43-year-old Michael Valls last Saturday for “attempted arson, burglary, felony vandalism, resisting arrest and providing a false name,” according to KRCR-TV.

His target? The Republican Party of Humboldt headquarters, a GOP office.

KRCR-TV reported that, according to the Eureka Police Department (EPD), Valls was found to have the same “Trump” political flag on his person that was stolen from the office. And, the bicycle that Valls tried to flee on had a “Bernie” Sanders political sticker “prominently displayed” on it.

According to KRCR-TV:

He was found to be in possession of items linking him to the vandalism on 5th Street, police said.

Upon investigation, police said they discovered that three large front plate glass windows had been shattered with what appeared to be multiple blows or thrown rocks.

Police also said a “Trump” political flag had been taken from inside one of the shattered windows, which matched the flag found in Valls’ possession.

KRCR-TV’s Nazy Javid posted two surveillance videos of portions of the incident to her Facebook page:

The kicker is that Valls spent only one day in jail after posting bail.

This wasn't the first time this specific GOP office has been attacked by supposed leftists. In August 2018, the same office was vandalized with anti-Trump graffiti. In March 2019, the office's windows were broken. In that story, the Associated Press reported that incident was the fifth time the Republican Party of Humboldt headquarters had been "damaged or defaced."

Well, make this at least the sixth time - that we know of.

H/T: Timcast/YouTube