Calif. DOJ Raids Home of David Daleiden, Leader of Group That Exposed Planned Parenthood Baby Parts

Jeffdunetz | April 6, 2016

Investigators with the California Department of Justice raided the home of David Daleiden on Tuesday. Daleiden is founder of the Center for Medical Progress, the organization which released a dozen undercover videos revealing that Planned Parenthood sells the body parts of aborted babies.

According to one report, authorities seized a laptop and multiple hard drives from his Orange County apartment, which held all of the video Daleiden filmed as part of his project to expose Planned Parenthood, “including some very damning footage that has yet to be released to the public,” he said

California Attorney General Kamala Harris, a Democrat, refused to comment on the raid because it is an ongoing investigation. However, if asked, she would probably deny that the reason for the raid is that she is running for the U.S. Senate and has received campaign contributions from Planned Parenthood. 

Mr. Daleiden released a statement about the raid:

Today (Tuesday), the California Attorney General’s office of Kamala Harris, who was elected with tens of thousands of dollars from taxpayer-funded Planned Parenthood, seized all video footage showing Planned Parenthood’s criminal trade in aborted baby parts, in addition to my personal information.

Ironically, while seizing my First Amendment work product, they ignored documents showing the illicit scheme between StemExpress and Planned Parenthood. This is no surprise–Planned Parenthood’s bought-and-paid-for AG has steadfastly refused to enforce the law against the baby body parts traffickers in our state, or even investigate them–while at the same time doing their bidding to harass and intimidate citizen journalists. We will pursue all remedies to vindicate our First Amendment rights.

Mr. Daleiden has also been indicted by Harris County Texas District Attorney Devon Anderson for using a false driver's license to hide his real identity when introducing himself in the Planned Parenthood sting.

Ms. Anderson has defended her indictment of Daleiden - despite the fact that a board member of the Planned Parenthood abortion mill works as a prosecutor in her office.

Additionally Anderson’s campaign received more than $25,000 from the attorney who works for a late-term abortionist.

While Daleiden is being harassed in two states for revealing Planned Parenthood's baby part selling operations, the infanticide operation is not being prosecuted in either state for cutting apart babies and selling their pieces, the legal prohibition, per U.S. Criminal Code 42 U.S.C. 289g-2.