Calif. Dems Frivolously Sue Cal State College Republicans

Nick Kangadis | July 7, 2017
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Leave it to California liberals to try and shut up any words that won't adhere to their definition of free speech.

In this instance, their definition of "free speech" involves suing college kids for having opposing thoughts.

The California Democratic Party has filed a lawsuit against College Republicans at Cal State Fullerton, all because the students led a grassroots campaign to oust recently-elected Calif. State Sen. Josh Newman.

According to the Daily Wire:

The Democrats’ lawsuit, which was filed in Sacramento Superior Court last Thursday, alleges that the College Republicans and other conservative activists “misled” voters in their successful signature gathering effort to recall Senator Newman. The suit names Amanda McGuire, Brooke Paz, and Ryan Hoskins (pictured below) as defendants in the suit, for volunteering their weekends to talk to constituents about the cost of Newman’s vote to the district’s taxpayers. 

Apparently, the students “misled” voters by informing them of the $52 billion gas tax increase that Newman voted for.

That’s not misleading. That’s called canvassing.

The movement to get rid of Newman garnered 85,000 signatures in a matter of weeks. But Democrats say that the campaign was founded in lies, because they claim that the College Republicans told voters “that the recall would repeal the gas tax.”

Public Relations Director for the College Republicans Brooke Paz spoke to Daily Wire:

This lawsuit is a baseless attack on the character of hardworking and passionate activists, as well as a shameful intrusion on the democratic processes that are my right as an American citizen.

As we just celebrated the 241st anniversary of our independence, my God-given rights are being threatened by the California Democrats simply because they disagree with me and my colleagues. Our elected representatives are supposed to govern by the people and for the people. The people do not want higher taxes, and as proven by the incredible amount of signatures we've gathered for this recall petition, the people do not want Newman.

With all of the sanctuary cities and benefits granted to illegal immigrants, California could never be confused for a state that cares one bit about “American citizens" -- even if it means changing the rules to advance certain political gains.

The Daily Wire also reported, “Democrats, who hold a two-thirds supermajority in both the Assembly and Senate, and hold all eight statewide elected offices, worked to change the rules on signature verification, tried to alter contribution limits, and fought for legislation that would push the election further back.”

Stay tuned to MRCTV for more regarding this lawsuit as it develops.