Cali School Admin Finally Backs Off Mandating Students Chant To Aztec God Of HUMAN SACRIFICE

P. Gardner Goldsmith | January 19, 2022
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MRCTV readers might recall a piece and video I wrote and shot early last year concerning the revelation that numerous California public schools were having their students chant prayers to the ancient Aztec god of human sacrifice.

In it, I noted that the metaphorical tie to contemporary government is pretty darn clear, since, after all, government is axiomatically sociopathic, meaning it only exists by taking from society, always is inimical to the peaceful, voluntary connections people make in society, and always threatens the people in it, simply to get its tax cash. As the Aztecs did in full -- sacrificing people according to government diktat – so does every polis, to certain degrees.

And always with the backing of political claims of power to, should you fully resist, take your life.

To remind, the chants mainly were in praise of Tezcatlipoka, the cannibalistic figure who, according to Aztec belief, demanded human sacrifices served up on slabs by the ancient Meso and South American culture. And, of course, despite the fact that no one alive today did anything to anyone from that era, despite none of the taxpayers or kids having engaged in Spanish/European “colonialism” or “conquering,” the collectivists in the modern cult of the state must ritually demonize others and lay bogus guilt on them in order to increase their power and insulate their perfidious tax thievery from any form of criticism.

What I didn’t mention in my previous piece, however, was just how dang long politicians and bureaucrats take to act when people want it to stop doing something evil or stupid.

Thanks to the hard-fighting folks at The Thomas More Society, we now have an answer -- at least in this crazy California case.

And a “case” it has been. Between March of last year, when I wrote that piece, and January 13 of this year, it took a Thomas More Society lawsuit against the California government, its Board of Education, and its Department of Education (all of which eat the ritual sacrifices of tax cash every day) to see this particular foolish policy halted.

As the society notes in a press release:

California public schools will no longer be teaching students Aztec and Yoruba prayers as part of the state’s Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum. Thomas More Society attorneys obtained a settlement on January 13, 2022, in a lawsuit brought by parents and the Californians for Equal Rights Foundation, against the State of California, its Board of Education, and Department of Education.

The society also correctly points out that the policy ran counter to the California State Constitution, which insures the free exercise of religion, meaning no FORCED prayer -- said force placed on the kids and in the form of making taxpayers fund the ritual chants – and “prohibits any government entity from granting anything that endorses or aids ‘any religious sect, church, creed, or sectarian purpose.’”

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Don’t like public schools? You’re obviously a beneficiary of colonialist attacks on the “peaceful” Aztecs.

it makes total sense.

The controversial curriculum, deeply rooted in Critical Race Theory and critical pedagogy, relies on viewing culture with a race-based lens and an oppressor-victim dichotomy. According to Californians for Equal Rights Foundation, the Aztec and Ashe prayer components component are two particularly egregious examples, demonstrating the politicized championing of critical consciousness, social justice, transformative resistance, liberation and anti-colonial movements in the state-sanctioned teachings of ethnic studies.

So, until the next stupid use of tax thievery to brainwash kids into embracing more collectivism, even to the point of resurrecting ancient collectivist sacrifices in the modern temples called “public schools,” this flagrantly foolish policy is dead.

’Today is a day of relief,’ declared Jose Velazquez, one of the parents who filed suit against the state. ‘To know it took a multi-racial coalition of individuals with different backgrounds and beliefs to move a mountain to challenge the state education apparatus…Both the ‘In Lak Ech’ and the ‘Ashe’ (two of the prayers) affirmations repetitively invoke religious gods or deities, which should be deleted from any public education curricula because our education system is not above the law. It is up to courageous parents, citizens and organizations to stand up for what’s right.’

It took nearly a year, but they've stopped this ugly practice of the deeply ugly god of the state. But until the sacrificial ritual of taxation and the propaganda euphemistically called “public education” are ended, folks who believe in peace and virtue will have to remain standing, and fighting for what is right.

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