Cali Man In Women's Clothing Arrested After Attacking 12-Year-Old Girl

Brittany M. Hughes | October 14, 2021
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A California man wearing a dress allegedly tried to assault a young girl before finally getting caught riding around naked on a bicycle.

Which, in normal times, might have seemed like a nearly unbelievable story, but in 2021 is just another day that ends in “y.” 

According to this, 41-year-old Carlos Martinez was taken into custody Wednesday in a town about 50 miles outside of L.A. after he reportedly approached a 12-year-old girl as she was walking to school, knocked her to the ground and tried to sexually assault her. He then took off the women’s clothing he was wearing and exposed himself before the girl was finally able to flee to the safety of a nearby school bus.

Later, following a called-in tip from a concerned neighbor, police finally caught up to Martinez who was then riding around naked on a bike near a school building. He’s now been charged with attempted rape of a minor and assault with a deadly weapon, and is being held on a $50,000 bail.

The story comes just days after it was revealed that the Loudoun County School Board in Virginia may have covered up the sexual assault of a young high school student by a male student wearing girls’ clothing in order to keep from derailing the district’s new policy allowing transgender children to use bathrooms and private facilities in accordance with their gender “identity.” The school district’s reported cover-up allowed that same male student to later rape another 14-year-old girl in the girl’s bathroom, according to the victim’s father.

The story has sparked outrage across the county, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the nation from parents and citizens who rightfully claim that progressive trans policies knowingly put women and girls at risk from predatory men who can gain access to bathroom and changing facilities by claiming to be "trans" and wearing female clothing.

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