CA Gov. Jerry Brown Vetoes Bill Forcing Colleges to Provide Abortion Drugs

Brittany M. Hughes | October 1, 2018
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In other news, California Gov. Jerry Brown finally did something right in between waging wars against straws and water, this week vetoing a bill that would have made the Golden State the first in the country to offer abortion-inducing drugs at college campus clinics.

And no, we’re not talking about Plan B or other drugs that simply prevent implantation. We’re talking about actual, first-term abortion drugs that can be taken throughout the first trimester. Specifically, it’s called “mifepristone” or RU486, a drug that, when combined with another drug called misoprostol, induces an early miscarriage. The FDA reports potential side effects of the drug include uncontrolled bleeding that requires surgery, sepsis, flu-like symptoms and even death. 

Regardless of the risks, the bill, introduced by Democratic State Sen. Connie Leyva, would have made it mandatory for all public colleges and universities in California to carry these drugs on campus by 2022.

Of course, Brown’s reasoning behind vetoing the bill isn’t exactly the most virtuous, as he says he bill “isn’t needed” because abortion drugs are already so widely available at clinics across the state. Pro-abortion activists, on the other hand, aren’t happy at all that 19-year-old women will continue to have the burden of driving off-campus in between biology classes to terminate their children.

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