CA Bill Will Let Therapists 'Emancipate' 12-Year-Olds Wanting Genital Mutilation

P. Gardner Goldsmith | June 26, 2023
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If, over the past few years, you’ve come to disbelieve the fairytale that “governments are voluntarily instituted to protect people from other aggressive and deceptive people,” and you’ve realized that, instead, government is largely an involuntary imposition engaging in perpetual aggression, thievery, and deception, you’re not alone. And it seems as if certain California politicians are eager to engage in even more deception and dangerous activity undermining basic human rights.

Susannah Luthi reports for The Washington Free Beacon that on Tuesday, June 22, the California Assembly advanced a bill that would see the state hand “therapists” the power to act as virtual child traffickers, separating kids from parents for all kinds of reasons, including “gender affirming” genital mutilation.

“The Senate Judiciary Committee approved Assembly Bill 665 on a party-line vote. The bill would allow poor children as young as age 12 to check into state-run youth shelters on the unconditional say-so of a therapist or counselor.”

Nothing like parental control.

Of course, that’s been undermined by numerous government institutions, such as the public education systems imposed by the states, long before the Carter Administration made it even worse by creating the byzantine, unconstitutional “Department of Education.”

But this California proposal is much more blatant – much more audacious -- and comes on the heels of last year’s state government measure to call itself a “sanctuary” where underage runaways could travel for tax-subsidized “gender affirming care” and not be repatriated to their parents – a bill, by the way, that Governor Gavin Newsom said stands up for “parental choice.”

AB665 opens the door to kids 12 years and up to separate from their parents and begin “emancipation” procedures if the family falls into coverage by the state “low-income” Medi-Cal or state-federal Medicaid subsidy systems. Once that welfarism is established to apply, this bill would let a “therapist” determine that a child could run away from home.

Writes Luthi:

“There would be no obligation, as there is for minors on private insurance, for therapists or counselors to show that a 12-year-old patient is mature enough or in a dangerous situation before transferal to a ‘residential shelter.’ Whether or not to inform the parents of the move would also be left to the discretion of the mental health professional, who could be an intern or trainee.”

And, of course, other taxpayers are not only left on the economic hook, they have to wrestle with the moral quandary of knowing their money is being used to undermine parental control and to subsidize the breakups of families.

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The danger of “gender-affirming care” being one of the rationales for “emancipation” becomes clear when studying the legislation. In fact, contrary to what some of its boosters claim, the bill is more than just an “expansion of mental health services” for kids in poor families.

Writes Luthi:

“(C)ritics have warned that if the bill becomes law, troubled children will exploit its provisions to run away from home. Transgender kids, in particular, could try to negate their parents' veto over sex-change treatments, including by accusing them of abuse.

‘The authors want to change the law to let a 12-year-old opt out of their home on a whim, invoking parental separation and emancipation of minors without any claim of danger or (requirement for) parental consent,’ Nicole Pearson, an attorney, said in her testimony against the bill. ‘This is child emancipation.’"

Indeed, the bill, which has seen many of the same LGBTQ ideologues in the Assembly push it as pushed last year’s “underage sanctuary” statute, seems to overtly invite underage residents to flee parents and, with a “therapist’s” okay, seek emancipation and separation via the state.

“Pearson noted that if lawmakers only wanted to remove the parental consent requirement for minors on Medi-Cal to receive mental health services, they could simply tweak the state's welfare code. That would leave the rules for entering residential shelters unchanged.”

And it would leave the children legally under parental control and observation.

AB665 leaves the proverbial door open for therapists to unilaterally determine that they believe a child should be able to run away from home. And Luthi makes a final, important observation, something that recalls last year’s CA “sanctuary for gender transition of minors” statute. On AB665, she writes:

“While the bill does not mention gender identity, the track record of one of its authors has fueled suspicions. (State Senator Scott) Wiener, who recently honored anti-Catholic drag nuns at the California legislature, is also pushing a bill that would require California foster parents to ‘affirm’ the transgender identities of foster children. Last week, the Senate Judiciary Committee advanced another bill that Wiener co-authored to make parents' non-affirmation of their child's transgender identity grounds for revoking or limiting custody. Last year, a law that Wiener authored went into effect, empowering California courts to take temporary jurisdiction of kids who come to California from out of state in search of hormone therapy or other transition treatment.”

The mask is off. Government is not your friend. It is a machine to strip you of your money, your time, your power to control your own business, and even strip you of your children.

And the age-old fantasy that it’s “for your protection” finally is being exposed for the lie that it is, thanks to pernicious legislation like AB665 and proponents, such as Wiener, who now are pushing the state to use taxpayer cash to help those taxpayers’ kids run away from home, to be embraced by the arms of the government.

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