Busting The False Media Myths On The GA Election Law & HR 1

Jessica Kramer | April 26, 2021
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The media is slamming Georgia’s election law, aided and abetted by deceits spread by Joe Biden and Stacey Abrams, who are calling it “Jim Crow 2.0," but election experts say a quick look shows the law to be anything but.

MRCTV recently talked to Joe Snead, executive director of the Honest Elections Project about the media myths surrounding the Georgia voting law.

“You've heard a lot of statements trying to malign this law as the new Jim Crow and trying to gin up some outrage against it,” Snead says.

“But I think the reason that you see rhetoric like that is because if you try to tell Georgians that they're not supposed to like additional early in-person voting opportunities and they're not supposed to like better secure absentee ballots, they're going to probably ask why? Because those are fairly popular.”

"(Calling the measure) Jim Crow is one way where they can gin up and manufacture outrage and then use that as a means of advancing H.R. one. It's really about constructing a narrative and turning Georgia's law into a straw man for the rest of the country that they can easily attack," Snead says.

For the complete interview watch the video above.