Bush League: Baseball Commish Steals Credit For Georgia Voter Surge  

Jay Maxson | July 1, 2022
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It’s the height of hubris. Major League Baseball (MLB) Commissioner Rob Manfred is now claiming credit for the increase in Georgia’s 2022 primary election voter turnout. A year ago, he was moving the sport’s All-Star Game out of Atlanta in favor of Denver – removing an anticipated $100 million windfall from Georgia businesses. 

Disingenuous Democrats, President Joe Biden and Al Sharpton among them, pressured Manfred to make that outrageous switch because Georgia’s new election laws would supposedly suppress the black vote. That never happened in the state’s recent primary election, as a record 102,056 black people cast ballots. Manfred was widely criticized for his cowardice last year, and now he’s doubling down on a despicable decision. 

The cheesy Manfred told ESPN in an interview this week that the surge in voters may be due to his highly questionable actions last year.

“I'm glad there was a big voter turnout," Manfred said. "I know that some people will say that proves that you were worried about nothing. I think the other way you look at it is, maybe we brought attention to an issue that people turned out in bigger numbers because of that attention.” 

Obviously, this commissioner thinks he can have it both ways - punishing Georgia and then taking credit when his All-Star Game move backfired. 

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Manfred wasn’t done either. He hit his arrogance out of the ball park by insisting during the ESPN interview that taking the game away from Atlanta was the right move.

“With the facts that existed at that point in time, I think I would make the same decision," he added. "I do think that in the same context, I'd make the same decision." 

His “facts” were just as erroneous and egregious last year as they are this year. He heard Biden calling Georgia’s new election laws “Jim Crow on steroids.” He heard Sharpton, 2018 Georgia gubernatorial loser Stacey Abrams and NBA star LeBron James also crying that the laws would expand “voter suppression.”  

All of them were dead wrong. They’ve all got egg on their faces since the huge 2022 Georgia primary election turnout. Manfred is just foolish enough to spout off, claiming his miscalculation was somehow a wise move as he wipes away the eggshells from his cheeks. 

The others appear to be keeping their mouths shut now, not wishing to remind people how foolish they sounded a year ago. 


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