Burger-King Wedding Bill Picked Up by Fast Food Chain

Tyler McNally | July 21, 2015
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Four months after their engagement was announced to social media, Joel Burger and Ashley King tied the knot.

The best part? Fast food giant Burger King expensed the entire ceremony after hearing about the perfect branding opportunity. According to Eater, Burger and King reached out to the burger company to get approval for licensing on their party favors, but Burger King took it one step further. 

It's rare that such a perfect opportunity makes itself known to brands, but luckily for Burger King, it did.

The company paid for the entire Burger-King wedding, and provided the groom and groomsmen with some sweet Burger King licensed cufflinks, undershirts, and socks.

These opportunities do not come around very often, and Burger King hit it out of the ballpark with the social media branding.


H/T Eater

Thumbnail image via Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images