Bud Light Says They're Not Sponsoring AZ 'Pride' Event

Brittany M. Hughes | June 8, 2023
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Update: Bud Light said in a statement to Outkick Thursday that the company is not co-sponsoring an all-ages Pride event in Arizona after the event organizers issued a flyer listing the beer brand as one of the primary sponsors of the event. Outkick reports Bud Light reached out to them denying the company was sponsoring the event after the story broke, leading some at Outkick to question whether Bud Light was originally a sponsor and simply backed out to avoid more negative press surrounding the brand's partnerships with LGBTQ groups and personalities.

Outkick reported Bud Light didn't clarify whether they were ever sponsors of the all-ages "Pride in the Pines" event, but simply pointed to an updated version of the event flyer that omitted Bud Light as a sponsor.

Original story:

They say insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results. If that's true, whoever's running the show over at Bud Light should be institutionalized. 

The beer brand, whose sales have plummeted 15% in the weeks following their ill-fated partnership with trans TikToker Dylan Mulvaney, is listed among the multiple big-name sponsors of an "all-ages" drag and "Pride" event in Arizona.

Dubbed "Pride in the Pines," the event will feature drag performers and other displays of debauchery in front of an audience that will inevitably include young children - though the event cites "no nudity" due to a city ordinance as a requirement for the event, so at least infants and toddlers won't be exposed to a "female penis" or some drag queen's bare prosthetic double-Ds.

Small mercies, I suppose.

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Old Navy, Toyota and Coca-Cola USA are also listed as sponsors for the event, in case you were looking for other places to not spend your hard-earned money this summer.

Of course, not letting performers get totally naked in front of small children hasn't exactly kept "Pride" events from shoving perversion in young faces. One festival in Hollywood earlier this week featured a bare-cheeked man in ass-less chaps and bondage gear being whipped by another man in front of a parade audience that included kids. The first annual "all-ages" Pride Party in Tempe, Arizona last Saturday included a rapper in a bondage-inspired costume spitting graphic lyrics about gay sex in front of small children.

An all-ages Christmas drag event in Texas last year was chock full of simulated sex acts and exaggerated fake breasts and genitalia on drag queens dressed in highly sexualized Christmas outfits. 

In fact, here's a whole list of "family-friendly" Pride events filled with open debauchery on full display.

As if you needed yet another reason not to drink Bud Light's swill, consider this excuse #7,832.

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