Bruce Springsteen Calls For an 'Exorcism' To 'Throw Out' Trump On Election Day

Brittany M. Hughes | October 29, 2020
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Drugs are bad, m’kay? And here's why.

Rocker Bruce Springsteen is now calling for an “exorcism” in Washington D.C. to “throw out” President Donald Trump on Election Day.

“It is time for an exorcism in our nation’s capital,” he ranted Wednesday during his“E Street Radio” show on SiriusXM. “In just a few days, we’ll be throwing the bums out. I thought it was a f***ing nightmare. But it was so true.”

Springsteen, who’s worth about $500 million and whose life doesn’t appear to have been remarkably impacted by Trump’s presidency, accused First Lady Melania Trump of destroying the White House’s Rose Garden (she didn’t) and slammed the First Family for…not having a dog?

“There’s no art in this White House. There’s not literature, no poetry, no music,” Springsteen says in the show. “There are no pets in this White house. No loyal man’s best friend. No Socks, the family cat. No kids’ science fairs,” Springsteen rambled. “No time when the president takes off his blue suit, red-tie uniform and becomes human. Except when he puts on his white shirt and khaki pants uniform and hides from the American people to play golf.”

“There are no images of the first family enjoying themselves together in a moment of relaxation. No Obama’s on the beach in Hawaii moments, or Bush’s fishing in Kennebunkport. No Reagan’s on horseback, no Kennedy’s’ playing touch football on the Cape,” he continued, alleging the country has become “rudderless and joyless.”

“Where did that county go?” the rocker asks. “Where did all the fun, the joy and the expression of love and happiness go? We used to be the country that did the Ice Bucket Challenge and raised millions for charity. We used to have a president who calmed and soothed the nation instead of dividing it. And a first lady who planted a garden instead of ripping one out.”

Of course, while millionaires like Springsteen might begrudge the supposed lack of fun and frivolity flowing from the people's house, we’re pretty sure average Americans who live in modest three-bedrooms and don’t have butlers and chauffeurs have enjoyed seeing a bit more in their paychecks and retirement plans thanks to Trump’s tax cuts and historic economic success.

(Cover Photo: Stian Schløsser Møller)

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