White Middle Schooler In Gameday Paint Suspended For Wearing 'Blackface' To HS Football Game

Brittany M. Hughes | November 10, 2023
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A middle-school kid has been kicked out of school sporting events for wearing “blackface." There's just one problem: he didn’t.

According to Libs of TikTok, the 13-year-old student from Muirlands Middle School in California, showed up to a high school football game in La Jolla with black war paint across his cheeks, similar to what football players wear on the field. On top of that, nothing during the game indicated that anyone was upset about it. Libs of TikTok explains:

He wasn’t the only student to have a painted face there, and there were no reports of him displaying bad behavior at the game. In fact, security guards and police officers were present the entire night without incident. 

One security guard, who happens to be of African American descent, even reportedly joked with the student to make his “spikes” bigger by adding more paint.

For reference, here's what the boy looked like on the night in question:


Everything appeared kosher - until the kid showed up to school the following Monday. It was then that school administrators called him - and his parents - into a meeting to accuse him of wearing “blackface,” a term for when a white person paints their face to appear African American. The principal then informed them that on top of being banned from future games, the boy was also being suspended from school for two days for “offensive comment” and “intent to harm,” handing them this form:


According to the paperwork, the exact offense was described as “painted his face black at a football game.”

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For his part, the boy reportedly said he didn’t even know what “blackface” was, and was simply painting his face according to a school spirit trend he’d seen on TikTok where kids smear war paint on their faces for sporting events.

Now, the kid’s parents are blaming the school for targeting their son and accusing him of racism simply because he’s white.

“My son’s name needs to be cleared…It’s reckless to assume the worst in a child only because he’s white…With such a serious allegation you would think there would be a thorough investigation of intent from all parties,” they told Libs of TikTok.

Perhaps someone should remind them that this is California in 2023 America we're talking about here. Any dream of fair judgement, unbiased standards, or a white boy getting any benefit of the doubt is a relic of the past.

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