'We Knew Nothing': Mass. Couple Who Offered to Host Migrants Gets Four Within an Hour

Brittany M. Hughes | February 12, 2024
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One Massachusetts couple struggled with some serious buyer’s remorse after opening up their home to penniless illegal aliens - only to find a slew of unvetted people unceremoniously dumped on their doorstep with no notice.

Colin and Jessica Stokes called the state and offered to host migrants in their personal home after the state put out a call for volunteers to take in homeless aliens, saying the local airport was filled to capacity and the state was running out of places to put people. In less than an hour, a Chilean family of four was dropped on their front porch.

The Stokes, on the other hand, said they weren’t given any information other than the fact that some migrants were on their way.

"I gotta get sheets on the beds! How many are coming? Where are they from? What are their ages? We knew nothing,” Jessica Stokes told a local news outlet.

Of course, if this surprised her, she hasn’t been paying attention. These are the very questions we’ve all been asking about the millions - literally, millions - of people who’ve been allowed through the ever-rotating turnstile at our Southern border. Who are these people? How many are coming? Where are the from? What are their criminal backgrounds, their educational status?

Are they, I don’t know, violent terrorists??? We have no idea.

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Thankfully for the Stokes, it seems the foursome they took in - which includes two young children who are, presumably, actually biological members of the family and not trafficked children - seem to be nice folks, as lawbreaking invaders go. The two kids are now queued up to be enrolled in the local school (thanks, taxpayer!) and the undocumented parents are waiting for work authorization, which could take months.

The Stokes say the sheer volume of the crisis is staggering.

"Just the disfunction is really disheartening and I know that really well-intentioned people are working as hard as they can, it's a state of emergency. But it is distressing to see the volume," Jessica said.

Massachusetts recently kicked local children and senior citizens out of a community center in Roxbury to set up a shelter for migrants, which maxed out its 400-person capacity in less than a week. Now, the state is scrambling to throw together more lean-to housing for the illegal aliens who just keep coming, regardless of the state’s capacity - or rather, lack thereof - to take them.

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