University Holds 'Healing Circle' For Students Triggered By Ex-Trans Kid Chloe Cole

Brittany M. Hughes | December 1, 2023
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A student group at a major U.S. university held a “healing circle” for college students who found themselves triggered by the firsthand testimony of a woman who spent years believing herself to be a boy, only to realize the harm in medically ‘transitioning” genders.

Chloe Cole, a former trans kid-turned-vocal advocate against castrating and mutilating the bodies of underage kids, is scheduled to give a talk at the University of Utah detailing her experience with doctors and medical “experts” who encouraged her to “transition” to a boy as a child - even to the point of performing a medically unnecessary mastectomy on her at only 15 years old. But apparently, hearing a biological woman tell her own story of how leftist advocates preyed upon her vulnerabilities was enough to send snowflake students into a spiral.

The school’s LGBTQ Resource Center and Women’s Resource Center announced they’re hosting a “Healing Circle” to combat students’ “trauma” from Cole’s presence on campus, according to the Young America’s Foundation. (Word's still out on whether teddy bears and essential oils will be provided, or if students will need to bring them.) At the same time, the university’s “Armed Queers” militia - self-described as a “socialist LGBTQ organization dedicated to the self-defense, and self-determination, of people's movements” - said they’ll be at the event.

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One professor even wrote a letter to his students calling Cole “transphobic” and an “anti-trans activist,” adding that if students don’t feel “safe” on campus, they shouldn’t feel obligated to come to class.

Militant left-wing students have even been caught tearing down posters for the event that were posted across campus - though they couldn't quite articulate why.

It's hard to imagine a more pathetic lot than a bunch of grown adults in an institution of higher education being emotionally knee-capped simply by a young woman showing up and telling her story of medical malpractice and self-harm. Then again, it's hard to imagine anything more evil that a medical community willing to chop the healthy breasts off a clearly confused and vulnerable teenage girl with autism - yet here we are.

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