Trans Field Hockey Player Reportedly Knocks Out Female Rival's Teeth

Brittany M. Hughes | November 3, 2023
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A biologically male field hockey player on the women’s team at Swampscott High School in Massachusetts reportedly landed a female rival in the hospital after firing off a shot that hit the girl in the face, knocking out her teeth.

Riley Gaines, a former NCAA swim champion-turned-activist defending women’s sports, posted on X that the female player - the actual female, not the dude pretending to be - for Dighton-Rehoboth was seriously injured after taking a ball to the mouth during a game this week.

Video posted by Gaines shows the moment when Sawyer Groothuis, a biological male player on the Swampscott team, hits the shot that nails the young lady in the face with a sickening thud. The crowd can be heard gasping as she falls to her knees clutching her face. Other players immediately pause as her teammates rush to her side.

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Groothius scored the only two points in the match, which was a state playoff. He’s a Northeastern Conference All-Star in the women’s league, which he’s allowed to play in thanks to a state law allowing biological males to compete on girls’ teams based on their “gender identity.” Here's a picture, by the way - try to guess which one we're talking about:


While biological males taking women's trophies, scholarships, championship titles, and basic pride and dignity are bad enough, this story highlights one of the far more dangerous consequences of denying biological reality in favor of "feelings": women get hurt. 

A tragedy the left only seems to care about when it's politically convenient.