Remember the Mob That Busted Through the Border? Dozens Were Let Go...Into the US

Brittany M. Hughes | July 3, 2024

Remember that story we reported about…oh, say, three months ago or so, where a horde of screaming illegal aliens tried to storm the southern U.S. border, barreling over border agents and tearing down barriers in the process?

You know, the one that looked like this:

Based on their reporters' eyewitness testimony at the time, the NY Post estimated the migrants numbered around 200, just a fraction of the 600 or so amassed at the border being pushed back by National Guardsmen that day. The mob busted through a section of fencing lined with razor wire before forcing their way past the men, who were standing together as an ultimately futile line of defense.

We’ve got a word for that: invasion.

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But according to the Biden administration, shoving your way into the country without authorization and trampling service members is as legit a way to get into the United States as any, as it turns out many of the 200 or so “newcomers” who forced their way into Texas have been released into the country.

According to Fox News, which cited an ICE spokesperson, 43 of the more than 200 illegal immigrants who rioted at the border on March 21 have been let go into the U.S.

And, if that isn't quite a hard enough kick in the crotch, another 87,600 illegal immigrants were apprehended at southern border in June. So there's that.

Then again, this is also the administration that releases murderers, rapists, and convicted criminals into the country with nothing but a notice to appear in court, if that. Nor do they seem much to care about rioters and destroyers of public property - as long as said rioters are of the politically expedient kind.