Oh No She Di'n't: Unhinged Rep Goes Full Hood Defending Biden

Brittany M. Hughes | September 29, 2023
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Lord have mercy on us all.

If John Fetterman lumbering around the Senate chamber dressed like a penniless UPS worker wasn’t unprofessional enough, Rep. Jasmine Crockett from Texas decided to give it a whirl with a display one can only describe as Straight Outta Hoodville.

Speaking during an official House hearing - again, Lord have mercy, this actually happened - to decide whether Joe Biden should be impeached for alleged influence peddling, Crockett launched into a diatribe about how the president's only crime has been “loving his chile'.” Except she didn’t exactly say that, so much as rapped it.

Oh, snap. 

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I’m not sure if Crockett's preaching about the virtues of Joe Biden or trying to tell Judge Judy why her Baby Daddy should have to pay her nail salon bill - all the sassy head bobs and "o no u di'n't" finger-wagging threw me a bit. But she’s wearing a Louis Vuitton broach the size of a cantaloupe on her chest so hey, she must be the trustworthy and professional sort.

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